How coworking spaces will help you achieve your personal goals in 2020

How coworking spaces will help you achieve your personal goals in 2020

How the coworking business model is evolving

With the coworking industry evolving and expanding into new markets, the coworking office model’s demand is evolving day by day.

The Coworking spaces is continuously evolving as operators explore setups, business models, and create their USP with value-added, innovative services. Freelancers of all types, including smartphone professionals, self – employed workers, small businesses, and smaller teams can benefit highly from coworking office spaces.

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As per the report published by NASSCOM, India had around 4,200 start-ups in 2015, which is ready to grow by 2.2 % to reach 11,500 by 2020.

Reasons why you should work from a coworking space

  1. Perks with Space

Working in a shared office not only provides you a place to work, but they also offer many perks with space. These include many things, like food services, conference rooms, and many more amenities. 

The capacity to balance work and personal life increase with facilities nearby to maintain your lifestyle.

Some of those perks at coworking space include:

  • Caretaker support
  • Conference Rooms and Meeting Rooms
  • Grab & Go Food and Coffee
  • Delivery and Mail sorting
  • High-Speed Wireless Internet Access and Support
  1. More enhanced Job Control & Flexibility

Let’s just say that today you want to work during the day, but tomorrow during the night. At a coworking space, you can enjoy this authority and flexibility. As a professional, you decide when and where you want to work. Because memberships at coworking space are month-to-month, you decide to work at a desk or in a private suite. 

  1. Less Loneliness

Working from home for a long time can create a feeling of isolation. Coworking spaces end this feeling of disconnection. During the day, you work alongside an entire room of other coworkers, and even though the room is full of people, you choose when and how to communicate with other members.

  1. Networking Opportunities

Having a shared office space and creating a sense of community is another reason people chose coworking spaces. You never know who you will meet to help you move your business forward. 

Working in a coworking environment lets you surround yourself with goal-oriented and high-achieving professionals, and having so many professionals under one roof means your networking opportunities are endless.

  1. Increase in Productivity

Coworking can help you increase productivity by decreasing at-home distractions, and being surrounded by committed professionals each day is a great motivator. A coworking environment’s social atmosphere encourages you to go out for work in the morning. 

  1. Cost-Efficient

Unlike renting a whole office, which is very expensive, working at a coworking space is affordable. As shared office spaces are available for everyone just for the amount of time they need. It is up to you if you pay for a desk, a room, or for access daily, weekly, or monthly.

It also gives you the flexibility to grow with your business without having a lot of money.

  1. Discover something new

A coworking space provides you the chance to be going across the desk from someone with a completely different skill set than yours. You may even find yourself working in a new mindset as well. Inspiration from other coworkers can help break through the difficulties you are facing, on a project you have been working on for months can be solved.

  1. Separating work from home

Although staying at home all day and working doesn’t sound bad, but after some time, you will find it very difficult to stay focused and avoid distractions that are almost everywhere you look. 

By creating a physical separation between your work and your home life, you can increase your productivity, creativity and maintain your home as a place of peace and comfort where you don’t have to stress about work.

  1. Great amenities

Shared office spaces are usually well-equipped and offer their members several services and amenities. Usually, you can count on a reliable WiFi connection, 24/7 access, conference rooms, food services, printing access, and much more. 

A coworking space is usually located in a prime location and quickly accessible by its members. Unlike traditional offices, a shared workspace offers a collaborative environment and increases productivity. 

Besides fulfilling your business goals, the coworking model also helps you in achieving personal goals.

Here are some ways to do it:

  1. Flexibility in work

Flexibility in works has turned out to be the most prior thing among entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide. As per a recent survey, approximately 80% of employees claimed to be the most productive when they move while working. Many flexible office space providers allow flow within the premises. 

They have a lot to offer besides the hot desks, comfortable chairs, phone booths, standing desks, beanbags, etc. As they do not restrict you to 9 to 5 business hours, you can access the workplace 24X7 and work like the way you want.

  1. Health Growth

As per the pandemic situation, people are extremely concerned regarding health and fitness these days. Due to this, many office space renderers have included wellness, fitness, and sports centers to let occupants exercise comfortably according to their convenience. These amenities will help you to take care of your health despite working all day.

  1. Accessibility

No matter if you follow the fixed working schedule or your timings, you can access a coworking space anytime to work at your own pace. Most of the shared office providers allow their members to enter at any time of a day. Due to this flexibility, you can work as per your comfort and have enough time to focus on yourself.

  1. Networking

With coworking, you can get a great chance of networking opportunities. People do not like to work in isolation and prefer to indulge in productive conversations with successful individuals to keep themselves motivated. Thus, a shared workspace opens the doors to communication and inspiration to build strong connections and grow as an individual. 

  1. Technologically Advanced

A tech-enabled workspace boosts productivity and facilitates operations. Many shared office renderers are implementing advanced networking equipment, including high-speed wifi, video conferencing, cybersecurity, and enterprise security, to help you be a hi-tech professional.

  1. Work-Life Balance

Maintaining work-life nothing can be a better option than choosing a shared workspace if you want to discover the perfect work-life balance. As you get a collaborative environment filled with like-minded professionals and a wide range of amenities, you can shape your lifestyle.

As the working professionals are evolving rapidly, coworking spaces keep up with the latest technologies and embrace innovations to satisfy their members. They emphasize the well-being of employees so they can maintain the perfect life-balance.

When you join a shared workspace, you do not need only to work and sacrifice your personal needs and wants. With coworking, you can also experience significant development in your personal life. Many freelancers, SMEs, startups, and even corporates join the flexible work community.

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